Matola - The league is very competitive.., The work must continue


Simba's assistant coach, Seleman Matola has said that they have a lot of work to do to be able to win the Tanzania Premier League title as the work is still going on.

  Our last game before the league stopped for the national team camp at the CCM Kirumba Stadium board read Ruvu Shooting 0-3 Simba.

Matola said that we still have a lot of work to do to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves as the competition is tough.

"The work is still going on as the league is not over and we have matches in hand that we have to play. The key is to see that our remaining matches we get positive results so that we can achieve our goals.

"The players are working hard and should be commended for fulfilling their responsibilities so the work is still going on for our future matches. The belief is that we will do well," he said.

In the standings Simba is in first place with 67 points after playing 27 matches.

Matola - Ligi inaushindani mkubwa..lazima kazi iendelee

KOCHA Msaidizi wa Simba, Seleman Matola amesema kuwa wana kazi kubwa ya kufanya ili kuweza kutwaa ubingwa wa Ligi Kuu Tanzania kwa kuwa kazi bado inaendelea.

Matola amesema kuwa bado tuna kazi kubwa ya kufanya kufikia malengo ambayo tumejiwekea kwa kuwa ushindani ni mkali.

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