Kahata bids farewell to Simba SC fans, reveals Gomes' secrets


Simba SC midfielder Francis Kahata has said goodbye to the club's fans, but revealed his secret with Coach Didier Gomes.

Kahata has officially finished with Simba after serving the Club for two seasons from Gor Mahia of Kenya.

Speaking yesterday in an exclusive interview held at his home in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam, the Kenyan said he has already met with Simba's Chief Executive, Barbara Gonzalez and ended it with him after telling him they would not add a new contract.

"Initially I was prepared for that and even after she told me openly and I was not shocked, although it is one of the worst moment and football challenges I have ever gone through in football life," said Kahata and added;

"The CEO told me they would give me all my entitlements that I was supposed to get in my contract until the end of July 30 including other allowances, I basically wanted to stay here, but I don't know how despite my last six months Simba has been very difficult."

Kahata also revealed that despite facing a dilemma over the last six months of his contract, he said he was happy to work with Coach Didier Gomes, who was encouraging him and sending him on the pitch despite the challenges he faced at the club.

He said when Gomes arrived in the country to coach Simba, he found time to talk to him and told him he was happy to work with him, as he has known him since he was Gor Mahia.

"However, after a while he realized that I was not used in domestic competitions it was a matter of surprise to him and when he came to ask me I answered him even though I was surprised, but he encouraged me and prepared me psychologically enough not to feel bad," said Kahata

"Gomes was spending his time preparing for matches, especially international ones, mentally training me and encouraging me. He was also giving me a place in the squad and when the team went to Mwanza for the Ruvu Shooting game I talked to him."

Kahata said Gomes told him that after leaving Mwanza to play with Ruvu when he returned to Dar es Salaam he would hold a meeting with officials to find out my fate for next season, but before that time he was called by the management and informed him about the official departure.

"I have not had time to talk to him and he probably does not know if I will no longer be with Simba SC, but before I leave Tanzania, I will stay with him and tell him everything, then I will go home to stay with my family and rest," said Kahata, who signed for Simba in July 2019 and scored four goals. in the Tanzania Premier League last season.

Kahata awaaga mashabiki Simba SC, afichua siri za Gomes

KIUNGO wa  Simba SC, Francis Kahata amewaaga mashabiki wa klabu hiyo, lakini akifichua siri yake na Kocha Didier Gomes.

Kahata amemalizana rasmi na Simba baada ya kuitumikia Klabu  kwa misimu miwili akitokea Gor Mahia ya Kenya.

Akizungumza  jana kwenye mahojiano maalum yaliyofanyika nyumbani kwake Mbezi Beach, jijini Dar es Salaam, Mkenya huyo alisema tayari amekutana na Mtendaji Mkuu wa Simba, Barbara Gonzalez na kumalizana naye baada ya kumwambia hawatamuongezea mkataba mpya.

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