' We've got a lesson next season we'll be much better' - Gomes



After failing to qualify for the African Champions League Semi-Finals despite a 3-0 win over Kaizer Chiefs, Head Coach Didier Gomes said we have learned a lesson and next season we will be much better.

Gomes has said the loss of 4-0 in the first round has given us a lot of work to overturn the result which is not particularly easy at this stage.

The Frenchman added that in the first game played in South Africa last week we were not good at blocking and leading to conceding a large number of goals something that has taught us a lesson and next season if we participate it will not happen again.

"We had goals to reach the semi-finals but it failed. We have learned and if we get a chance to participate next season we will be better, ”said Gomes.

Gomes has praised our players for fighting all the time and dedicating themselves to the team in yesterday’s game something that makes him proud to work with them.

"The players fought for the team, they did everything for the team but luck was not on our side and I was really proud to work with them," said Gomes.

Gomes:Tumepata somo msimu ujao tutakuwa bora zaidi.

Baada ya kushindwa kufuzu Nusu Fainali ya Ligi ya Mabingwa Afrika licha ya ushindi wa mabao 3-0 dhidi ya Kaizer Chiefs, Kocha Mkuu Didier Gomes amesema tumepata somo na msimu ujao tutakuwa bora zaidi.

Gomes amesema kupoteza kwa idadi ya mabao 4-0 katika mchezo wa mzunguko kwanza umetupa kazi kubwa ya kupindua matokeo ambayo si rahisi hasa kwenye hatua hii.

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